Web fixes, thanks to your feedback!

We love feedback!

Your feedback really is vital to the improvement of our site. And we’re getting better all the time at responding. You asked for these changes and voila!

Some people mentioned the ever-expanding cart to show you additions or changes was a bit annoying so we put the kibosh on that. It’ll just hang out in the upper-right corner. The little green circle will let you know you’ve added an item.

While our site does remember you and you can come back and still be logged in, up til now hitting the log-in button prompted a pop-up window where some browsers weren’t inserting log-in info automatically. We couldn’t fix this because it was a browser thing so we ended the pop-up. Now it just takes you to a separate log-in page that if you have clicked ‘remember me’ previously it will enter that info for you so you don’t have to keep track of your password.

When logged-in do you see the little feedback rectangle to the lower left? Just click on that and let us know what else you’d like to see changed. We’re currently working on having updated local box and farmstead info in more places.


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