Ready to Eat Local Goodness

Ready to eat produce

One of the great things about local produce is that it isn’t harvested way before it should be and then allowed to ripen as it travels hundreds of miles to the store.

Because of that, some of the more fragile local items need to be consumed very soon after you receive them – we recommend within a day. These items include local berries (especially strawberries & blueberries) and local figs.

As if we need to give you a reason to eat those first!

Also, sometimes we offer extremely ripe/ready to eat products at discounted prices on our website. We call them secondssmoothies or damaged to indicate their ripe status. These can include seconds tomatoes, smoothie bananas, apple seconds, damaged pears, baking peaches and smoothie berries.

There’s nothing wrong with the taste of these items, it’s just best if you use them quickly or freeze them. They’re great for all the bakers and smoothie makers out there!


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