Which came first, the chicken or the Arsenic?

Which came first, the chicken or the Arsenic?

Poor chickens – it’s at least 3 times a year now we hear about something wrong with conventional chickens. Each story just reinforces the importance of Organic & Local. The latest breaking story is Arsenic found in a drug used to treat chickens. This is only breaking news because we just recently developed the capability to test for low levels of arsenic in animal tissues and what do you know? There’s higher levels in chickens treated with Arsenic-laced drugs. And there has been since the 1940’s, when it was introduced. The only real question is what dangerous chemical will we find next?

So, the drug is used to treat parasites, but also increase ‘feed efficiency’ and pigmentation. Because chickens don’t eat enough when they’re so stressed by cage life and their meat doesn’t look like real meat. It’s amazing how far America’s most popular meat has strayed from its egg. Arsenic is a strange compound that is a carcinogen, but we also need trace levels of it. We don’t need it from our chickens, though. We get enough from natural sources.

Now, in reality, we believe this is rather minor. We bring this up not because we’re worried about Arsenic, but because we know it’s just one of the many, many things wrong with conventional chickens. All together they just plain make us sick – figuratively and literally. Skip the Arsenic, and who knows what else, on YOUR dinner plate by ordering our local, pastured chickens or ourOrganic chickens. Neither one contain this extra, not so yummy Arsenic. And we encourage you to skip the chicken when eating out (salad, anyone?).

Or at least inquire about its origins like these folks.

Here’s an article about arsenic in chickens.


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