5 Ways to Eat More Veggies

Eat more veggies!Growing up in the Texas country, even being raised by certified hippies, meant meat was the center of the plate. I’m sure my parents tried to emphasize veggies, but as a youngin’ I would hear none of it because that’s not how it’s done in Texas. Now I crave veggies every day. I’m quite surprised at the people I hear of that are turning to, or turned to in their day, vegetarian or <gasp> vegan diets to improve their health (Bill Clinton, Paul McCartney, Natalie Portman, Kevin Nealon, & Method Man, just to name a few). While I firmly believe everyone is different and there’s no one diet that’s best, I also firmly believe that the vast majority of us don’t eat enough vegetables. I try to make veggies the primary, if not only, ingredient in at least 1 meal a day, and include them in all other meals. I’m still trying to increase my consumption and make sure to celebrate progress with copious amounts of wine. Here are 5 ways to increase your vegetable consumption (don’t forget to celebrate):

1. Meatless Mondays – if you eat meat every day of the week, take one day and decide just on that day you’ll eat nothing but vegetables, every meal. Relax knowing that it’s just 1 day. Then, if you’ve succeeded in this for 1 straight month, try 2 days meatless and increase until you find the balance that works for you

2. Use meat as an accent – Many meats have such strong flavors that you can use a little bit and still have a meaty meal. Try adding a little Organic bacon to your stir-fry veggies if you’re craving meat

3. Reset your palate with a cleanse – When we’re used to eating meat often, eating only veggies can leave us still hungry or just not as fulfilled. The Love Cleanse or other veggie-based cleanses can completely reset your taste buds and accentuate the awesome flavors of veggies

4. Eat high-quality veggies and meats – Not all veggies are the same. Do some taste tests and you’ll find that veggies like Greenling’s Local & Organic ones really are far tastier than alternatives! Also, eating high-quality food means your body will get more nutrition and crave less food

5. Sneak veggies into meals – Like eggs in the morning? Finely chop and scramble in a small amount of any local, seasonal veggie. It likely will not alter the taste but you get some veggie goodness to start the day!

by Mason Arnold, Founder & Cookie Monster


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