Engine 2 diet

If you need help convincing any males in your family to eat more veggies look no further than local hero Rip Esselstyn. The triathlete firefighter wrote a New York Times bestselling book about rallying his whole engine crew, Engine 2, around a plant-based diet to help save the life of one of the crew who was in dire physical condition. It worked and his plan is sweeping the nation at least in part because he has created hearty plant-strong recipes that mimic the textures and flavors of traditional meat dishes like chili & lasagna.

We were so impressed that we created some recipe kits around Engine 2. We think these recipes are a great way for even the most dedicated carnivores to eat more veggies and our recipe kits make it ridiculously easy to cook! Our Engine 2 kits contain 5 meals for 2 and are also Health Starts Here compliant.

If you aren’t aware, shuffle on over to our Recipe Kit page and check out our selection of prepped meals. We wash, chop and portion all the ingredients and deliver them with simple step-by-step instructions so you can prepare a tasty home-cooked meal in no time. Of course, we send them with eco-friendly packaging and portion them perfectly for no food waste. How cool is that?!

Engine 2 Basket #1

Engine 2 Recipe Kit #1 features everyday favorites- two bean chili, couscous with seasonal veggies, sweet potato lasagna, bean burritos and black beans with a veggie relish.

Engine 2 Meal Kit #2

Engine 2 Recipe Kit #2 features hearty comfort foods with healthful ingredients- portobella fajita tacos, vegetable enchiladas, lentil soup, sweet potatoes with greens, and mac & not cheese.

by Mason Arnold, Founder & Cookie Monster


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