Green Gate Farm Beer & Ice Cream Social

Beer & Ice Cream Social at Green Gate Farm
-Saturday, July 9, 6pm

-$10 suggested donation

-Green Gate Farm 8310 Canoga Lane. [78724]

What could be better than sipping a cold beer and getting your ice cream on whilst gazing across the pastoral landscape of a beautiful urban farm?

Angel of Wanderlust Ice Cream and Sorbet will be providing fantastical frozen treats, while the infamous Tony Grasso will serve a big, hoppy double IPA and an American honey wheat made with Round Rock honey. These will be supplemented with another keg from a local brewing company, and a limited quantity of homemade hard peach and apple cider cocktails.

So come one and all and sneer at the belligerence of the Texan summer with ice cream and cold beer whilst getting your farm on. Stroll about, pet some baby goats and pigs, and make some new compañeros. Admission will be a $10 suggested donation per person, and proceeds will go towards helping recoup some of the costs of surgery and complications for the wonderful Pasha Bean (for those of you who don’t know her that’s Rebecca’s pup). Beer, ice cream, farm, AND a worthy cause!


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