Vote Greenling ‘Best Local Food Company’ Again!

Best of Austin Poll 2011


And not just because we ask nicely (pretty please?). We’re working hard to grow the local food movement & are the largest single source for local food anywhere and are still able to work with any size farmer or producer – from a backyard gardener to hundred-acre farms. And we bring it all to you. It’s never been easier for you to connect with and support your local farmers and we love to help! Here’s what makes us the ‘Best Local Food Company:’

  • We have the largest selection of local, sustainably produced foods of any retail outlet, anywhere!
  • We have 2x-10x the local produce of any grocery store
  • We bring it all right to your door!
  • We’re the best outlet for local vendors with flexible receiving and the ability to work with any size producer from a backyard gardener to large local farmers
  • We even work with many CSAs and buy crops before and after their CSA season to increase the farm income
  • We help new producers get started with purchasing commitments and growing, year-round demand
  • We also support local operations through fund-raisers and behind-the-scenes efforts like drafting legislation to make local, Organics easier and helping form Slow Money Austinwhich aims to bring more investment capital to the local food system

We hope it’s an easy vote for you and we’d be so honored to win again. ‘Best Local Food Company’ is the first category in food. Go here to cast your vote and ask your friends to vote for us too!


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