Local Box Meal Plan 7/25-7/29

We’re getting some awesome summer produce in the Local Box this week, including three kinds of fruit! Texas summers, especially in a drought, offer really tough growing conditions for fruit farmers, so weeks like this one are extra sweet! Here’s what’s coming in the Local Box:

Local Box 7/25-7/29

  • Yellow or White Peaches – Caskey Orchards & Cooper Farm
  • Mango – G&S Groves
  • Lady Cream Peas – Just Peachy, Gundermann
  • Onions – Gundermann Acres
  • Assorted Squash – Massey Farm
  • Assorted Eggplant – Engel Farms
  • Portobella Caps – Kitchen Pride
  • Cantaloupe – My Father’s Farm
  • Assorted Peppers – Gundermann, Animal Farm, Engel Farm
  • Red Potatoes – Gundermann Acres
Here’s what I’m planning to cook with the bounty:
  • Thursday: This eggplant pizza looks like a keeper, and I bet it would taste good with some sliced, sauteed portobello mushroom on top, too. I’ll be using store bought crusts to save time and serving mango smooothies for dessert.
  • Friday:  I’m going out on a limb by serving White Gazpacho with Canteloupe. White gazpacho is a traditional spanish chilled soup made with almonds, bread, oil and vinegar, and sweet Texas melon sounds like the perfect complement for those flavors.
  • Sunday: I’ll shred some of the leftover turkey breast and mix it with barbecue sauce for sandwiches, with grilled balsamic-glazed peaches for dessert.
  • Monday: We’re going to try for a healthy sloppy joe supper with this intriguing recipe for Vegan sloppy joes, which calls for lentils instead of beef or soy protein. On the side we’ll have simple potato packets.
  • Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!

(Note from Local Box blogger Kathryn: The format of the Local Box menu is changing to include more recipes and a full week’s worth of dinner menus. I plan my meals by the day so that I’m sure to use up delicate items, like cream peas, while they are freshest. I also try to put more difficult recipes on weekends when I have more time to cook. My meal plans always start on Wednesdays, since that’s when my Local Box arrives.


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