Meet Hillside Farms – Local Farmer-Heroes

Hillside FarmsHillside Farms is quickly growing famous for their Juliet tomatoes (aka Baby Romas) – these mini jewels of local goodness are like candy, exploding with flavor when you bite into them. Kathryn, our local box blogger, even credits them for turning her into a local food convert! They’ve been featured in our local box throughout the summer.

Ginger Davis and her husband Anthony Micheli have been farming for 15 years now – both grew up on farms, so after leaving the business of custom home building, she says it was like going home. They purchased land in the hill country near Sandy, TX, where Anthony grew up. They are farming around 30 acres- on top of those gorgeous juliets, they are growing squash, peppers, beans & onions this summer. In the winter they’ll have cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli & spinach.

“We live within a few feet of our field, so the decision to grow sustainable was an easy one,” says Ginger. “There isn’t much money in farming, but the ability to stay home and live in the hill country makes it worth it.”

Farming is a tough biz and we are so thankful that people like Ginger & Anthony are up to the challenge. Their tomatoes have been the stuff dreams are made of and just finished their glorious season!


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