Sweeten Up Your Love Life with Watermelon

Large Texas Watermelons

It’s not true that lugging a watermelon around in your cart, to your car, and finally home actually makes it sweeter. And the first time it crushes that bread or bag of chips it becomes a bittersweet affair. But no longer because we’ve got big, burly men to carry these amazingly delicious boulders right to your door (and into your kitchen if you like).

Watermelon has had a slow season locally with the drought…being 94% water means they need a lot of water, but they are finally appearing in the Local Box this week. Local watermelon is one of those treats I think has absolutely no comparison. Check out this previous newsletter for the best way to cut picnic perfect watermelon. Nothing holds a candle to a Texas watermelon on a hot & sweaty summer day.

Speaking of candles – if you are longing for another kind of hot & sweaty summer, watermelon may be your new best friend. New studies show it has much higher levels of some particular amino acids that have a particular function in making a particular body part…..function. In other words, keep the candles and champagne but replace those strawberries with some watermelon when getting in the mood.

by Mason Arnold, Co-founder & Cookie Monster


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