A Memoir Worthy Experience – The Asian Pear

Local Asian Pears from Engel Farms

Eat them confident that there will be no recalls on this Chinese import. Maybe we should call it the Tex-asian Pear, since some adventurous local farmers are cultivating this refreshing mouth confuser.

John Engel of Engel Farms grows more diversity at his farm than most. His grandfather started their Fredericksburg farm back in 1861 and today his two kids Grant & Mikayla can sometimes be seen helping him at one of the many Farmers Market stands they run. He’s not afraid to try new varieties and has developed orchards of several tree fruits including the Asian Pear, which will be appearing in Local Boxes this week.

We’re lucky to get this treat, normally reserved for the fall, so early. With textures similar to pears (and technically in the pear family) but flavors and crispness much like apples, this can also be a very versatile addition to recipes. If you can resist just snacking on them, try ’em in salads or mix them in with soba or rice noodles. While not a powerhouse of nutrition, the ole ‘apple a day’ saying holds true for these beauties as well. Chop ’em up, serve ’em to guests, and see if they can guess what it is.

by Mason Arnold, Co-founder & Cookie Monster


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