Customer Recipe: Anna’s Wild Rice Salad

Every once in awhile, we get an email from a customer excited to share a recipe they found or created using Local Box ingredients. We wish this would happen more often! We love reading and sharing the awesome things you guys create with the local goodness we bring you.

If you ever feel inspired to share, please don’t hesitate to shoot an email to marketing AT . We love to hear from you!

Here’s what Anna had to say about her Wild Rice Salad recipe:

I just wanted to share the idea since it isn’t getting cooler any time soon. In these hot summer days who wants to hang around a hot kitchen? Not me. I used a cool morning to cook up a batch of rice and then made this, using herbs and fresh peas from my local box.

This was made as a side dish, but can easily be a main dish for a vegetarian. Amounts can vary based upon how many you need to feed and if you want leftovers. I didn’t measure much of anything exactly, but with many years of cooking experience I call myself a “dump cook” anyway – I dump in whatever looks good and is on hand.

Wild Rice Salad


Wild Rice – cooked until tender, then cooled (I cook with chicken stock)
Brown Rice – cooked until tender, then cooled (I cook with chicken stock)
Creamer peas – cooked until tender, then cooled
Scallions, chopped – both white and green parts
Fresh herbs of your choosing (mint and cilantro worked for me)
Dried fruit – chopped if large like apricots, whole if raisins for dried cranberries
Chopped nuts, toasted or untoasted – I used toasted, sliced almonds

A light vinaigrette dressing with your choice of acid and oil – I used olive oil with lemon and orange juice for the acids.


All the ingredients were mixed together, then dressed and allowed to sit and marinate together for a while before serving. Salt and pepper can be added to taste, just as you can vary the add-ins to what you like and what you have handy. I think of this as a formula rather than a recipe.

Thanks Anna!


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