Beware the “US Farmer & Rancher Alliance”

Beware the US Farmer & Rancher Alliance

Sounds like a perfectly legit organization, doesn’t it?

It’s comprised of some of the largest factory farm groups in the country, who are banding together to churn out propaganda about why factory farming isn’t so bad.

They are tired of films like Food Inc. & Farmageddon making them look bad, and are working together to combat the consumer advocacy groups and concerned citizens who insist on pointing out all the pesky pollution, animal cruelty and unsavory food conditions they perpetuate.

Check out this article for more info. If they’re tired of bad PR, we suggest they look internally at their methods rather than forming an alliance to continue lying to the public.

If you want to support a legit farmer’s alliance, check out FARFA. They’re doing some really cool things to support small scale, sustainable producers.


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