You Know What Really Gets My Goat?

Goat Meat now available

While the New York Times claims it’s ‘the most widely consumed meat in the world’ and I have been repeating that ever since, it turns out it’s fourth behind the usual suspects – pork, beef, and chicken. No KIDding. So, while they’re not the sleeping giant I sought out to promote, they are quite a special animal (vegetarians feel free to skip this article). Goats will eat just about anything that’s technically edible and chew on everything else to find out if it’s edible. Luckily there’s an abundance of natural pasture for them to browse at Windy Hill Organics in Comanche, Tx, where our all-pastured, local goats come from. Your shoes are safe!

We’ve carried goat milks, yogurts, and cheeses for a while, but once we learned about the nutrition in goat meat we decided to add it to the mix. It’s classified as a red meat but since goat is such a lean meat it usually requires low heat and slow cooking to preserve tenderness & moisture. It’s higher in iron, potassium, and thiamin than other meats and is able to maintain some sweetness found in lamb without all the saturated fats of lamb or beef.

Happy goats make happy goat meat and we now carry this delicacy at We have several cuts to choose from – and plan to add more soon!

Ground – perfect for burgers, tacos or meatballs

Stew Meat – ideal for stews & chilis

Boneless Loin – great for grilling, braising or roasting (we recommend marinating it first, as it can overcook and dry out if you’re not careful!)

by Mason Arnold, Co-founder & Cookie Monster


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