Local Box Meal Plan, September 5-9

It’s hard to focus on food while so many Central Texans are affected by the fires encircling the city. It’s not much, but I used this week’s menu-planning as an opportunity to clean out my pantry, with eye out for non-perishable goods to donate to Capital Area Food Bank. The food bank is just one of several local charities who are working with wildfire victims, and as my mom would say, every little bit helps.

Little Bluestem Bakery is our only supplier who has been affected by the fires so far. They’ve been evacuated for now, but hopefully they’ll be back home baking later this week. (Check our Facebook page for updates.)

Here’s what is coming in this week’s Local Box:

Green Asian Pears – Engel Farm
Cantaloupe – Gundermann Acres
Purslane – My Father’s Farm
Green Bell Pepper – Engel Farm
Okra – Bradshaw Farm & Engel Farm
Cucumber – Gundermann Acres
Summer Squash, assorted – Gundermann & Engel
Lady Cream Peas – Just Peachy Farm
Eggplant – Fruitful Hill Farm, Engel Farm, Gundermann Acres
Limes – G&S Groves

And here’s what I’m making with the bounty.

Meal 1: The New York Times published a delicious looking recipe for Field Pea Salad last week that uses corn, field peas, onions and basil. I’ll add diced cucumber to their recipe and serve it with grilled cheese sandwiches.

Meal 2: This slow cooker Louisiana Ratatouille calls for the Local Box trifecta of okra, eggplant, and green bell pepper. Oatmeal Summer Squash Muffins look very quick to prepare, and will round out the meal.

Meal 3: Summer squash, purslane and red lettuce salad, sliced cantaloupe and cottage cheese on the side.

Meal 4: Lime roasted chicken with Asian Pear Slaw


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