Local Box Meal Plan, September 19- 23

I took my dog for a walk this morning and it felt like autumn for the first time all year. There was a breeze, the temperature was below 70 degrees, and we saw pumpkins on display at the supermarket near our house. Never mind that it was 5:15 in the morning– I’ll take all the cool weather I can get!

Central Texas farmers are beginning to benefit from the cooler weather, too. We’re getting radishes in our Local Box for the first time in quite a while, along with corn, lettuce, and other crops that fare well in sub-scalding temperatures. The peas and pinto beans are summer holdovers, but welcome in my kitchen because of the texture they add to meatless salads and soups. Here’s what’s coming in the Local Box:

  • Green Asian Pears- Engel Farm
  • Crimini Mushrooms – Kitchen Pride
  • Corn – J&B Farm
  • Red Radish Bunch- My Father’s Farm
  • Bibb Lettuce – Bella Verdi OR Bluebonnet Hydroponics
  • Long Beans OR Green Beans – J&B Farm OR Animal Farm
  • Hard OR Summer Squash – My Father’s Farm OR Engel
  • Lady Cream OR Purple Hull Peas- Just Peachy Farm
  • Pinto Beans – Just Peachy Farm & Gundermann
  • White Multiplying Onions – Lund Produce
Here’s what I’m making with the bounty:
Meal one: I’ve been waiting to get lettuce and pears together for weeks now, because of I have been craving this wonderful Roquefort Pear Salad. Don’t skip the caramelized pecans in the recipe; they’ll be perfect with Engel Farms’ crisp Asian pears.

Meal two: Slow cooker field pea stew. Three or four of the multiplying onions in the Local Box will substitute for the large yellow onion that this recipe calls for.

Meal three: Corn, Radish and Avocado Tostadas. Instead of the shallots that this recipe calls for, I’ll use the multiplying onions from Lund Produce. We’ll have pinto beans on the side, seasoned with garlic, chili powder and cumin.

Meal four: Grilled chicken breasts, sauteed green beans with mushrooms, sliced pears for dessert.

Meal five: Penne with summer squash and corn OR Penne with butternut squash and goat cheese. That summer squash recipe looks like it would be fine without the corn, so I’ll probably skip that unless we get several ears in the Local Box and I have extra to use up.


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