Local Turkeys for San Antonio and Austin

We are excited to announce that your local turkeys are available for pre-order again this year!

Local Turkey in Austin and San Antonio Texas

Jim Richardson is raising our local, pastured birds again this year and they are oh-so delicious. We’ve had several taste tests pitting them against conventional birds and it was almost insulting to the local bird to even suggest there could be a comparison. If you haven’t had one, you just won’t understand how good it can be until you try.

For generations the Richardsons have been conservation-minded in their farming efforts and care deeply about the health and well-being of their animals. All of their livestock are in large open areas/pastures and are free to interact with each other. Last year we sold out of local turkeys, so we encourage you to pre-order well in advance of Thanksgiving. Place your pre-order by Oct. 26 and we’ll even sweeten the deal – you’ll get your choice of a FREE Traditional Gravy Roasting Kit or a Kale Waldorf Salad kit!

To order, create a basket and choose either a medium (14-18 lb) or a large (18-24 lb) bird, then schedule it for delivery for the week of Nov 15 or the week of Nov 21. (As a limited item those are the only dates you’ll be able to select.) We’ll ask for a deposit to hold the reservation, and you’re done! You can come back and add dinner sides or other items to the basket later, but for now you’re just reserving the bird.


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