Local Box Meal Plan 10/17 – 10/21

Fair warning: I’m getting fancy with this week’s Local Box menu.  I am attending two potlucks this weekend, and I’m showing off our local bounty with some special finger foods and small bites. This week’s produce lends itself especially well to hors d’oeuvres, but you could also stretch those appetizers into full meals by adding some easy side dishes.

Here’s what’s coming in the Local Box:

  • Asian Pears- Lightsey Farm
  • Apples – Top of Texas
  • Fuyu Persimmons – Lightsey Farm
  • Multi-colored Radish Bunch – My Father’s Farm
  • Summer Squash – My Father’s Farm
  • Bok Choy OR Chard – Fruitful Hill Farm OR Comanche Oaks
  • Italian Cucumber Melon – Tecolote Farm
  • Broccoli Crown – Engel Farm
  • Shallots OR Okra – Fruitful Hill Farm OR Bradshaw
  • Sweet Potatoes – Gundermann Acres

Menu 1: Grilled persimmon bruschetta combines creamy goat cheese with grilled wedges of sweet persimmons on French bread. For my potluck, I’ll grill the persimmons ahead of time, and plan to assemble the rest of the bruschetta at the party. A quick salad  of cucumber, broccoli and radish slices would round the bruschetta out into a full meal.

Menu 2: This apple rosemary brie pizza makes a quick and easy appetizer, especially if I use a store-bought pizza crust. Doubling the portions and adding a side of sauteed okra with garlic would stretch it into a dinner, too.

Menu 3: I am taking this cucumber, apple and pear salad to a gluten-free gathering this weekend. If I have enough produce to double the recipe, I will serve the salad again as a dinner with some grilled bratwurst. A note about the cucumbers from Tecolote: Italian cucumber melons are a very mild variety of cucumber that is shaped like a softball or a melon. You can peel and cube this cuke just as you would the English variety.

Menu 4: The bok choy from Fruitful Hill Farm in this week’s box are enormous. One whole head of bok choy could easily feed a family of four, as in this Stir-fried Bok Choy recipe.

Menu 5: I’ve always heard that radishes and squash grow well together in the garden, so why not try them together on my plate? Sauteed summer squash with radishes looks like a pretty easy way to prepare the veggies together. I bet grilled chicken or grilled sweet potatoes would make an excellent companion.

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