GMO Series cont. – The Dangers of GMO’s in Food

I started to write about the dangers of GMOs in food and quickly got overwhelmed. There is so much happening in the world about which we have no idea. I broke the dangers down to 3 major victims – Environment, Humans, and Economies and one philosophical.

Environment – First, the primary GMO foods were created to withstand herbicide and pesticide applications. Naturally, or rather, completely unnaturally, this has led to the application of 318 million additional pounds of toxic chemicals onto our land than would have been even possible before GMOs. Most of these chemicals are known carcinogens, known persistent environmental pollutants, and known to wreak havoc on ecosystems. These GMO plants are showing up in the wild, eaten by animals, and work their way up the food chain with no idea their effect. Well, some idea of their effect because studies prove them to create ulcers in pigs and hair on hamster tongues. Also, over-application of pesticides has led to super-weeds and super-pests. They have to put down stronger and more toxic chemicals (creating new GMOs to resist them) and some don’t die at all. Last major point is GMOs and the associated chemical applications reduce bio-diversity in all eco-systems.

Humans – The obvious danger is the increased exposure to herbicides/pesticides – both the workers with acute exposure, and to everyone else who eats the foods. It’s indisputable that these herbicides/pesticides end up in the food. Environmental Working Group tests produce every year and publishes how many/which pesticides/herbicides show up in our food. Beyond that, studies are piling up showing that our bodies don’t recognize these GMOs as food and try to reject them. Evidence is mounting that this plays some role in the explosion of food allergies. There are also studies showing direct damage to organs (including studies done by Monsanto, the maker of the GMOs).

Economies – Monsanto won’t let you save seeds from GMO crops. You have to buy them every year. For rural farmers this is a huge burden. But that’s just the beginning. They can’t stop GMOs from spreading naturally in the wild. But if they find it on your land they sue you. The Future of Food is a great movie about this and how it has decimated farming communities.

Lastly, Humanity – The ultimate victim. Monsanto was the first company to OWN LIFE. They can’t control it or stop it from evolving on its own, but they OWN it. If life is not sacred, the implications are quite profound. How long before they own you? Next week I will address the false propaganda about the benefits of GMOs in food. We have received negative feedback to these articles citing supposed world-saving benefits, but nobody has responded to my challenge to produce evidence of the benefits. We’ll also chat about how to avoid GMOs.

By Mason Arnold, founder and Cookie Monster


6 responses to “GMO Series cont. – The Dangers of GMO’s in Food

  1. crazy scary the world we live in today.


  2. Hi, Mason,

    I am glad that you mentioned about the Gmo in your last e-news letter. This month is a Gmo awareness month. I made a research about this subject and post it on my blog this month. I also attached a link to three movies on my blog. These educational movies are funny and sends very important messages to parents. I also add links to the Gmo labeling petitions. One of them from EWG. At this moment they have about 20000 signature. Their goal is reaching 30000 to get an attention from FDA. The petitions are about asking food companies putting labels if they have Gmo in their food. This gives a chance to consumer to refuse or accept it. Getting Gmo labeling to the products first step to take Gmo out of the market. If you are interested about my work, please check my blog. It also has information about what is Gmo, why it might be danger to the sustainability of the earth. One last word, California might be the first state which requires the mandatory Gmo labeling in 2012. I am hoping it will be in Texas and all over the USA. For my blog please check my web site blog section. Have a great sustainable day.

  3. GMO corn and soy are showing up in the wild partially because the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, a Monsanto shill, has given Monsanto and the biotech companies anything they wanted, including allowing Monsanto to plant genetically modified corn and GM soy in National Wildlife Refuges across the country.

    The Center for Food Safety was looking for activists in Louisiana where many National Wildlife Refuges may be contaminated to go out and pull the GMO plants out. Other areas of the nation have done just that, and the same has occurred in Europe where citizens pulled the unwanted crops from fields and open spaces. Wildlife given a choice will not eat GMO’s, according to the Institute for Responsible Technology. I’ve noticed the same with the Norway rats in my yard. They’ll eat organic, but not GMO’s. What do rats know that the biotechnology-pesticide industry and the U.S. Government does not want citizens to know?

    Could it be that the genetically modified food tends to be less nutritious than the organic food? Or, that by altering the DNA sequence with a foreign organism that food once safe to eat has now contained toxins? That is what some government scientists have said. This new, unlabeled and untested “food” in the case of soy, has killed livestock that had no problems with eating non-GMO soy. Or, the same holds true with corn and cotton, grown with seeds in which every cell of the DNA contains the soil pathogen, Bacillus thuringiensis, a common soil dwelling gram positive bacterium. Bt is shot with a gene gun, or carried with a bacterium into the DNA of the seed, Bt does not break down in the soil like non-GMO bacteria. It basically stays in the insect eating the crop, and other animals or people eating the GMO crop. Bt keeps reproducing in the gut (immune system) of the animal or being.

    The bottom line is that while organic growers have been using Bt sparingly for decades spraying it onto crops where it degrades into the environment, the biotech companies collected soil samples in triplicates from the rhizosphere and somehow shot it with a gene gun into the DNA of the seed where it cannot degrade. This allows the seed to carry the toxin in every cell of its DNA where it reproduces.

    Is this forced birth control for the world? Is that what the corporations and the government does NOT want us to know?

  4. Among the over-looked dangers of GMO’s, is that the DNA is carried on the wind and by pollinators altering the DNA of virgin and organic crops not just field to field or state to state, but country to country. Some GMO’s were found to cross the Atlantic Ocean from the USA to the U.K. and into Europe. It does not matter to Monsanto or the biotech industry because under U.S. patent law, it their DNA is in the fields of someone in another country, they own those seeds as well and can put another country’s farmers out of business.

    So far, In the USA, only herbicide tolerant crops have been permitted other than Monsanto’s Bt corn and cotton in which every cell of the plant carries the Bt (patented trait), which works as an insecticide in the crop, and the insect, or animal, or person that eats that crop. Monsanto owns the patent. But lately, other biotech giants have also come out with new herbicides and her triplicating the genetic modification of crops to now only withstand Monsanto’s Bt corn and cotton, but also Monsanto’s glyphosate (Roundup Ready) crops. Presumably this is an agreement between the Big 6–Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont who dominate the global seed, pesticide & ag biotech markets. This handful of corporations control the fate of food & farming by keeping the global food system on a toxic treadmill: pushing one product after another in pursuit of poisoned profits. By sharing herbicides and technology they reduce their own monopoly and share the greedy take over of non-GMO’s including organic agriculture.

    The companies are already receiving permits to use not only their own herbicides with GMO crops, but to triplicate the genetic modification of seeds to tolerant Glyphosate, Glufosinate, Dicamba and 2,4-D so if one weed becomes resistant to Roundup, it may not be able to resist other more toxic herbicides. This is totally contrary to the initial selling point of GMO seeds, which was that it would reduce the amount of pesticides used. Herbicides are pesticides, also, and they have increased with weeds becoming tolerant to constant use of pesticides.

    Add to this, the U.S. Geological Survey study found glyphosate (trademark active ingredient for Roundup) in the surface and groundwater (beneath the ground) as well as in the rainwater in parts of the country where heavy spraying was occurring (notably the Mid-West and the South). Poisoning the water is of no concern to Monsanto, who spent $1.3 million in 2011 alone to over-turn the law that reduces pollutants from contaminating water sources –the NPDES permit. National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit which is part of the Clean Water Act has actually allowed national waters to become cleaner since its initial passage.

    The pesticide industry wants to eliminate NPDES under the clean water act to allow UNcontrolled discharges into our waters. They claim that the NPDES is redundant with the basic federal pesticide law and is unnecessary. But, this claim is misleading. The Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is a product licensing statute; pesticide products must obtain an EPA registration before manufacture, transport, and sale. It is able to regulate pesticide use through labeling, packaging, composition, and disposal. But, it does not provide actual safety measures from pesticides. The NPDES does provide more safety measures.

    Monsanto and the biotechnology-pesticide industry along with their allies in the U.S. Senate and the House want that FIFRA be the sole registration and permitting law and that no other law or permit shall be required. Read the bill, S. 710 at: This may be put into legislation on Chinese currency and sent to President Obama for his signature, thus eliminating any ability to reduce pollution to the waters (including ground water from where bottled and city water is tapped).

    Contact your U.S. Senator and urge a NO vote on S. 710. Right now, few if any water purification filters are certified to reduce glyphosate, glufosinate, dicamba from drinking water. This measure will make for more toxic livestock, including organic livestock, wildlife, more poisoned people who fish, play, or bathe in contaminated waters. And will make all irrigated food more toxic, as well as our oceans and estuaries.

    Does the right to life of people really matter? Or only the life of corporations?

  5. It is the Brave New World of food…absolutely terrifying!

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