The Last Word on GMOs

Last rant about GMOs for the month, I promise! So, to review, we’ve talked about what GMOs are (as they relate to food), a little history on how they’ve come to completely infiltrate our food system, and just a few of the potential dangers. I wasn’t even able to get to all the dangers….like how the herbicide Roundup is showing in RAIN in Mississippi. This is toxic stuff and it’s being used so much that it’s getting into clouds and rain. I digress.

The most important part about all of this is what action you can take to avoid GMOs. It’s much easier said than done, but our true power….if any of this has upset you as much as it upsets us….is in our wallets. Vote for the food you want created by buying it and more of the same will be created behind it. Buy GMOs, they’ll make more GMOs. Avoid GMOs and they won’t. The best way to avoid GMOs is to buy Organic. If you ate a 100% Organic diet you will be 100% GMO free. They can’t even feed Organic animals GMO feed.

Now, if you actually want to eat out and not cook completely at home, the next best option long-term is to demand that GMOs be labeled. 93% of Americans agree they should be labeled. If you’re motivated to help, join the movement here If you don’t have time for all of this (many people don’t), but still want to try and avoid them, here’s a good guide for what ingredients to avoid. It’s very complete.

I started to write about debunking the pro-GMO myths, but as I dug into each one it all came back to the same thing – there’s no credible research to support it! I looked for it. The only credible research out there is proving the dangers. Even Monsanto’s research showed it’s dangerous, so Monsanto threw it away. No proof of higher yields, no proof of agriculture in previous inhospitable land, no proof of saving any lives anywhere. It just doesn’t exist.

by Mason Arnold, founder and Cookie Monster


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