Local Box Meal Plan 11/7 – 11/11

We had scrambled eggs and sauteed zucchini three times for dinner last week. Whoops. I’m not sure what’s going on in my kitchen, but it feels like my motivation to cook disappeared along with daylight savings time last weekend.

I’m hoping to renew my enthusiasm with really, really easy recipes this week. That way, if I don’t get my culinary couth back, my husband can take the reigns for supper most nights. Lucky for us, the ingredients in this week’s box lend themselves really well to simple preparations. Here’s what’s coming:

  • Asian Pears- Lightsey Farm
  • Apples – Top of Texas
  • Live Spearmint Plant – My Father’s Farm
  • Beet Greens – My Father’s Farm
  • Cucumber – Engel Farm
  • Oranges – G&S Groves
  • Green Tomatoes – Engel Farm
  • Green Beans – J&B Farm
  • Butternut Squash or Summer Squash or – Gundermann Acres
  • Gai Choy – Gundermann

Here’s what I’m cooking (hopefully!):

Meal one: Slow Cooker Veggie Lasagna. The entire bag of beet greens, chopped, will hide in this lasagna like a vitamin stealth superhero. If we get a summer squash, I’ll grate it up and stick it in there, too.

Meal two: Orange baked chicken and baked apples and pears will make a warming meal together. I’ll bet those apples and pears would cook up just fine at 350 during the last 20 minutes of chicken-cook-time, too.

Meal three: Green tomato casserole with green bean and cucumber salad on the side. If the apples aren’t too sweet this week, I might add a diced apple to that salad.

Extra credit: pickled mustard greens. I know.  This is not an “easy” dish, but I can’t resist a spicy pickle. The gai choi in the box are really spicy, and the bottom of the greens are quite robust– similar in thickness to celery– so they seem like they’ll make great pickles for later. If I chicken out on this dish, I’ll braise the greens in beef broth with sriracha and garlic for an easy, spicy  soup.


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