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Budget Crisis Solved – Beer Sale

Beer - The cause of and solution to all of life's problems

Concerned about you melting in this summer heat we brainstormed how to help you cope. Beer!! Of course!! So, we cracked open a few beers ourselves to brainstorm the best heat-busting beers. We came up with a great list, then forgot it the next morning, then had to do it again. In the Featured section are some staff picks for favorite summer beers and all beer is on sale right now (Only available in Travis County). Further, if you’ve ever tried to purchase beer and were turned off by the MVR fee (it was $4.99, that’s what it costs us to verify your age), we’ve removed that. So give some of our beers a try. They will change your world!

Wednesday customer? You have until Tuesday at noon to place your order (this week only)

Since your cut-off falls on a holiday, we’re giving you an extra day to get your order in. The system won’t let you do it yourself, but just place your order and schedule it for next week. Then call/email/text us and ask that next week’s order be delivered this week. Thanks!

Every order in July enters you to win a trip to a 5-star sustainable resort- Playa Viva!

Win a trip to Playa Viva

While we’re busy helping build the local food system here in Texas, there are others around the world building their own food systems and working towards Sustainability. David, of Playa Viva, is one of those and we’ve been sharing best practices with each other for over 4 years about Organic agriculture and how to distribute that goodness locally.

This month, Greenling, in conjunction with Playa Viva, is sponsoring a contest to send YOU on an amazing getaway to experience what David’s been building. The winner will receive an all-inclusive** 6 day / 5 night stay for 2 adults in a deluxe suite at beautiful Playa Viva, a sustainable boutique hotel that is truly dedicated to supporting the local community and using sustainable practices in every aspect of operation.

It is ridiculously easy to enter, too- all you have to do is receive a Greenling order on your normal delivery day during the month of July! Every order counts as an entry*! Get on a weekly delivery schedule for the most chances to win.

You can gain extra entries too- by referring your friends or making a donation to the Sustainable Food Center. Check out the contest page for details!

*no purchase necessary, limit 4 entries per entry method

**see official rules for details and restrictions

What else do you do to be Green?

Send us pictures or stories of what you’re doing to better the planet and we’ll give you $5 off and highlight you on our website!

Member of the Power Partner program with the City of Austin? – Get $5 off

Send us a picture of your thermostat so that we can see the Power Partner logo

Have solar panels at your house? Lucky you – Get $5 off

Send a picture of the panels

Power your home with Green Energy? – Get $5 off

Just send us a copy of your electric bill detailing that your home is powered by alternative energy