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Gnocchi with Summer Squash, Zucchini and Tomatoes

I tore this recipe out of Everyday Food, thinking that it would be super easy to throw together before Trivia Night at Flying Saucer and that it would be filling enough so that my husband wouldn’t gorge himself on their soft pretzels.

From Everyday Food


  • 1 package of gnocchi (or any kind of short pasta, really)
  • 1 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 zucchini, sliced and quartered
  • 1 summer squash, sliced and quartered
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 pint grape or cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/4 c. fresh basil, chopped (I omitted this — for those of you who don’t know, I haven’t found basil that tastes great to me yet in Texas! It seems to have a minty aftertaste to me, but the horticulturalists I’ve spoken to think I’m crazy.)
  • Pecorino Romano cheese (I just used Parmesan.)
  • 1 Tbsp. butter (I omitted this. I thought the Parmesan made it creamy enough without adding too much extra fat.)
  • 2 tsp. lemon juice


  • Cook the gnocchi as directed, making sure to reserve ~1/2 c. of cooking water. Keep in mind that they cook in ~3 minutes, so prepare accordingly.
  • Heat the olive oil over medium-high heat and add the squash. Saute for ~3 minutes until tender. Add the garlic and tomatoes and cook for another ~2 minutes.
  • When the veggies are finished, remove from the heat and toss the veggies with the gnocchi, 1/2 c. cooking water, basil, cheese, butter (if using), and lemon juice.

I also tossed some crimini mushrooms with the veggies while they were sauteeing.

So I’ll be honest here: I don’t like gnocchi that much. I don’t know why; it’s something about the texture. I definitely would’ve preferred this with a hearty whole-wheat penne. That being said, this is a wonderfully light and flavorful meal, and comes together in a snap. The key is to use really fresh ingredients (since you’re not using a sauce, which would ordinarily mask the flavors of the veggies). You could also roast the veggies if you’re using firmer ones (like carrots or root veggies), but sauteeing = fewer steps = less time to wait to eat. Hey, what can I say — I was hungry.

Local Box Lookout, week of 03.16.2009

Here’s what to expect in next week’s Local Box. Haven’t ordered one yet? There’s still time. You can still order next week’s Local Box through Saturday and later, depending on your zip code. Click here to check it out!

  • Chioggia beets
  • spinach
  • cilantro
  • green shallots
  • kale
  • cabbage
  • strawberries
  • oranges
  • Swiss chard
  • crimini mushrooms
  • herbs

Local-Box Lookout, week of 12.29.2008

Here’s what to look for in this week’s Local Box:

  • shallots
  • bibb lettuce
  • Oriental turnips
  • daikon radish
  • carrots
  • spinach
  • tangerines
  • crimini mushrooms
  • tomato
  • collards
  • apples

Check below for this week’s delivery schedule update if your delivery day is Thursday!

Report from Fearless Forager, week of 12.22.2008

Here’s the plan for this week’s Local Boxes:

  • lettuce
  • sweet potatoes
  • green onions
  • crimini mushrooms
  • radishes
  • herbs
  • kale
  • tangerines
  • grapefruit
  • cilantro
  • collards
  • apples

Also, we’re on a modified delivery schedule this week. Here’s the scoop:

In the Austin area, if your normal delivery day is:

  • Tuesday, you will receive your order Monday the 22nd.
  • Thursday, you will receive your order on Tuesday the 23rd.
  • Wednesday, you will still receive your order on Wednesday the 24th.
  • Friday, you will receive your order on Wednesday the 24th.

And in San Antonio, if your normal delivery day is:

  • Tuesday, you will receive your order Monday the 22nd.
  • Wednesday, you will receive your order Monday the 22nd between 9am-2pm.
  • Thursday, you will receive your order on Tuesday the 23rd.

How are you planning to eat out of your Local Box for the holidays this year?

Report from Fearless Forager, week of 12.01.2008

Here’s what she’s got planned for this week’s Local Boxes:

  • red salad bowl lettuce
  • avocadoes
  • radish
  • crimini mushrooms
  • kale
  • beets
  • navel oranges
  • apples
  • Meyer lemons
  • red potatoes

Ready or not, here comes more food!