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Local Box Meal Plan: Feb. 8-12

I tried making a turnip puree last week, and while the flavor was good, it seemed a bit like eating baby food. So I think I’ll stick with roasting them for now. Anyone have any great turnip recipes?

This week, we’re getting a huge head of Napa cabbage from Farm Patch; spinach from Naegelin; lettuce from Bluebonnet Hydroponics; meyer lemons from G&S Groves; turnips, cilantro and green shallots from Acadian; baby bok choy leaves from My Father’s Farm; and mushrooms from Kitchen Pride.

So I’m making:


Side dishes:


Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 18-22

Seems like despite the deep freeze of 2010, Texas farmers are churning out lots of yummy produce! I’m really excited about this cauliflower. I hope it comes in neon colors, like the ones I’ve seen recently at the Pearl Farmer’s Market! What can I say? I’m easily amused.

This week, we’re getting cauliflower or broccoli from Home Sweet Farm; green shallots from Acadian; green garlic from Naegelin or Green Gate Farm; a salad kit from My Father’s Farm; spinach from Oak Hill; red potatoes, garlic and mustard greens or kale from Naegelin; citrus from G&S Groves; a slicing tomato from Village Farms; and green or red leaf lettuce from Bluebonnet.

So this week, I’m making:


  • Winter bruschetta with white beans, tomato, garlic and green shallots


  • A steakhouse dinner with Caesar salad, creamed spinach and mashed potatoes with green garlic
  • Mustard green/kale gratin

Side Dish:

  • Cauliflower puree (recipe to come from my brand new Top Chef Quickfire cookbook — a gift from my wonderful husband!)


Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 11-15

Given the devastating freeze that afflicted South Texas last week, I wasn’t hopeful that our Greenling Local Box would contain too many goodies. Luckily for us, I was mistaken! Though I expect that some of these items may change due to unpredictable quantities, I still wanted to make a plan for the things we would get.

We’re supposed to get bok choy and radishes from My Father’s Farm, apples from Top of Texas, tangerines from Orange Blossom, collard greens from Naegelin, Louisiana spring shallots and green leaf lettuce from Acadian, broccoli microgreens from Bella Verdi, and purple turnips from Lundgren.

So I’m making:




Side Dishes:

Local Box Meal Plan: Nov. 16-20

Happy Thanksgiving! I realize that I’m a week early, but we’re having some friends over for an early Thanksgiving on Sunday. Because it’s not the actual Thanksgiving day, I’m taking some liberties and veering from my family’s traditional Turkey Day menu (and let’s face it, who wants to have the same meal twice in one week?).

This week, we’re getting sweet potatoes, red onion, and collards or mustard greens from Naegelin, Eureka persimmons from Indian Hill (Texas A&M has a good breakdown of persimmon varieties grown in Texas here), Cameo apples from Top of Texas, pie pumpkin, green beans from Animal Farm, hot and sweet peppers from Green Gate Farm, escarole and Louisiana shallot-scallions from Acadian Family Farm, Bibb lettuce from Bella Verdi and herb from Pure Luck.

So I’m making:


Main course:

  • Herb-roasted turkey
  • Chestnut-apple stuffing (made with a red onion) served inside a roasted pumpkin – this only works if we get a pumpkin, not fennel. Here’s hoping for a pumpkin for the super cool presentatation!
  • Roasted sweet potatoes tossed with herbs
  • Roasted green beans
  • Sauteed greens with garlic
  • Louisiana shallot-scallion dinner rolls (based on this sweet dinner rolls recipe)

And because we still have to eat dinner on Saturday:

I’m also retrying hot pepper jelly with this recipe, since it didn’t work so well last time.

Are you changing up some of your Thanksgiving staples this year, or keeping it traditional?

Local Box Lookout, week of 03.23.2009

Here are the intended contents of next week’s Local Boxes:

  • red or green lettuce
  • tomato
  • baby turnips
  • green shallots
  • collards
  • baby lettuces mix
  • strawberries
  • oranges or grapefruit
  • Swiss chard
  • herbs
  • daikon radish

Local Box Lookout, week of 03.16.2009

Here’s what to expect in next week’s Local Box. Haven’t ordered one yet? There’s still time. You can still order next week’s Local Box through Saturday and later, depending on your zip code. Click here to check it out!

  • Chioggia beets
  • spinach
  • cilantro
  • green shallots
  • kale
  • cabbage
  • strawberries
  • oranges
  • Swiss chard
  • crimini mushrooms
  • herbs

Local Box Lookout, week of 03.09.2009

Here’s what to expect in next week’s Local Box:

  • baby carrots
  • red-leaf lettuce
  • cilantro
  • green shallots
  • kale
  • collards
  • strawberries
  • grapefruit
  • baby arugula
  • yellow onions
  • herbs
  • avocado

If you haven’t already, you can still order next week’s Local Box through Saturday and later, depending on your zip code. Click here to check it out!