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Local Box Meal Plan: April 18-22

Here are some easy recipes that you  can serve at any holiday meals you might host this weekend.

Easter Egg Radish – Animal Farm
Red Beet Bunch – Acadian Family Farm
Kale – Texas Natural
Mushrooms – Kitchen Pride
Scapes – Green Gate Farms
Garlic – Fruitful Hill Farm
Mustard Greens OR Escarole – Tecolote Farm
Spring Mix – My Father’s Farm
Strawberries – Naegelin
Red Leaf Lettuce – Naegelin

Garlic scape and almond pesto – This would be good over fish, or pork, even.

Strawberry and beet tartare – This sounds so interesting! I’m thinking it makes a good spread for water crackers.

Radish tart – A good vegetarian brunch dish.

Fettucine with mustard greens and mushrooms – Escarole will work here if that’s what you get. This recipe makes a lot, so you’ll probably have to halve it because you won’t get enough mushrooms for the whole recipe.

Kale with caramelized onions and garlic – I like the addition of onions to the traditional sauteed kale.

As the lettuce we’re getting is a pretty tender kind (as opposed to tougher varieties like romaine), I’m just going to use it in salads. I’m working on digging up some other ways to use lettuce, but most of the more tender varieties just won’t stand up to cooking.


Local Box Meal Plan: March 14-18

Happy Last Average Frost Day in Central Texas! We continue our march toward spring with more slicing tomatoes this week, along with some tasty cool weather produce.

Slicing Tomatoes – Gundermann
Lettuce Heads – Fruitful Farm
Spinach – Naegelin Farm
Mustard Greens – Gundermann
Shallot Scallions – Lund Produce
Navel Oranges OR Grapefruit – G&S Grove
Bok Choy OR Green Cabbage OR Collard Greens – Naegelin Farm
Green Garlic – Texas Daily Harvest
Multicolored Carrots OR Beets – Animal Farm

Stuffed tomatoes – These are filled with a cheesy spinach mixture. I’ll add chopped shallot scallions or green garlic for more flavor.

Mustard greens with honey orange vinaigrette – Use grapefruit instead of oranges if you get them, and add sliced green garlic or shallot scallions.

Chicken lettuce wraps – If you’re looking for something to do with your lettuce besides make salad. You can leave out the carrots if you don’t get them, but I think it would be tasty to add some chopped collards, cabbage, or bok choy to the mix, whichever you get.

If you get beets, this honey-balsamic beet recipe looks awesome.

– Stephanie

Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 24-28

Video coming later, folks. For now, I’m super excited to see the return of Napa cabbage. Not only is it tasty, but it reminds me of last year’s Frankencabbage. Now, there’s no guarantee that this week’s bounty will be the behemoth size of Frankencabbage, but we can hope! Anywho, here’s the full list.

Tangerines – Orange Blossom
Mustard Greens – Naegelin
Broccoli – Texas Daily Harvest
Various Lettuce – Acadian
Baby Arugula – My Father’s Farm
Red or Green Kale – Naegelin
Napa Cabbage – TDH
White Mushrooms – Acadian
Yellow Onions – Naegelin
Grapefruit or Navel Oranges – G&S

I’ll be making:

Cabbage-mushroom pie – I probably won’t both making my own crust, and just pick up one from the store.

Stir-fried kale with broccoli – I’m going to use orange or tangerine juice instead of lemon juice.

Orange, walnut, and Gorgonzola salad with citrus vinaigrette – Any of the citrus you get here will work well in the dressing.

Roast pork chops with bacon and wilted greens

– Stephanie

Local Box Meal Plan: Jan. 3-7

Happy New Year! We’re starting the year off right with the first cauliflower of the season. Here’s the full list and video:

Citrus – G&S Grove
Green Onions – Naegelin
Oriental Turnips – Acadian
Mustard Greens – Naegelin
Daikon Radish – My Father’s Farm
Purple Mizuna – My Father’s Farm
Cauliflower – J&B
Apples – Apple Country
Cilantro – Acadian
Mixed Mushrooms – Kitchen Pride
Dill – My Father’s Farm
Mixed Carrots – Animal Farm

I will be making:

Turkey and mizuna salad – With a few modifications, of course. Sub cauliflower for broccoli, and use thinly sliced daikon radish in place of the cucumber (be sure to cut them very thin – they can be pretty spicy). The dressing looks delicious, but if you don’t feel like making it just use whatever you have. If you haven’t had mizuna, you’re in for a treat – it has a mild, peppery flavor, much like arugula.

Daikon and carrot pickles – Pickling is a traditional preparation for daikon radishes. The colored carrots we’re getting will look pretty here, too. If you’re feeling adventurous, these daikon radish cakes look tasty and use some unusual ingredients, like white rice flour.

Traditional turnips and mustard greens – I was in New Orleans last week and had some turnip greens cooked this way at Mother’s Restaurant. It’ll always be my favorite way to eat them.

Pork medallions with mushroom-dill sauce – The sauce is reminiscent of beef stroganoff.

Apple-grapefruit salsa – I love this spicy-sweet combo. Would also work well with oranges if you get those instead of grapefruits.

Local Box Meal Plan: July 26-30

This week, we are getting:

Eggplant – Animal Farm
Arugula or Sorrel – Bluebonnet
Fresh Lady Cream Peas – Just Peachy Farm
Tomatoes – Acadian
Texas Wild Grapes – My Father’s Farm
Butternut Squash – Massey
Peaches – Caskey
Curly Mustard – Texas Natural
Mixed Squash – Texas Natural
Cucumber – Acadian or Tecolote

So, I am making:

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette

Whole Wheat Pasta with Spicy Italian Sausage, Mustard Greens and Tomato Cream Sauce – Chop up your fresh tomatoes to use in place of the canned one in this recipe.

Eggplant-Squash Bake

Macaroni Garden Salad – A yummy take on traditional macaroni salad. I’m going to sub a mixture of Greek yogurt and sour cream for the mayo, and I’ll serve as a side to grilled chicken. Simmer your fresh peas for about 10 minutes to cook, and use instead of the canned peas called for here.

The peaches and grapes I’ll just eat out of hand. We very rarely see local grapes, and I just want to enjoy their fresh taste without cooking them.

Local Box Meal Plan: July 12-16

The first delicious figs of the season are here this week, from Orange Blossom Farms, along with:

Parsley – Tecolote
Garlic chives – Tecolote
Canteloupe – Orange Blossom Farm
Plums – Orange Blossom Farm
Speckled lima beans – Just Peachy Farm
Banana peppers – Rimrock Farm
Butternut squash – Massey
Cherry tomatoes – Acadian
Curly mustard – Texas Naturals

This is sort of a motley crew of produce, which is why a few of these recipes only use one local box ingredient (but the rest of the ingredients in the recipes are cheap and easy to get). I’ll be making:

Sauteed lima beans and cherry tomatoes – Boil lima beans 10 minutes or until tender, then drain. While they’re cooking, slice cherry tomatoes in half. Heat a little olive oil in a skillet, and add a handful of chopped chives. Cook about a minute or so, until fragrant. Add beans and tomatoes and sautee a few minutes until the tomatoes start to soften and brown. Remove from heat and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Fig and blue cheese-stuffed pork tenderloin – Much easier than it sounds. This recipe only has four ingredients (besides salt, pepper, and cooking spray) and cooks in 20 minutes. If you don’t have a mallet to pound out the pork, use a rolling pin instead. You can also skip all the fuss of rolling up and tying the pork by just folding one half over the other once you’ve spread the stuffing. Use 1 cup of fresh figs in place of the dried.

White bean soup with ham and mustard greens

Canteloupe-plum salad – Toss cut-up plums and canteloupe with a bottled poppyseed dressing for an easy fruit salad. Some chopped mint would be a great addition.

Pork and butternut squash stir-fry – The original says to use Chinese black vinegar, but you can sub balsamic if you don’t feel like making a trip to your nearest Asian grocer.

I’m going to use sliced banana peppers in sandwiches and salads for this week’s lunches, but these stuffed banana peppers look tasty.

Local Box Meal Plan: July 5-9

Don’t you just love the variety of produce we get during the summer? Check out all of the farm-fresh goodness this week:

Mustard greens – Texas Naturals
Indian cucumbers – My Father’s Farm
Purple potatoes – Tecolote
Carrots – My Father’s Farm
Opal basil – Acadian
Canteloupe – Orange Blossom Farm
Slicing tomatoes – Hall Farm
San Marzano tomatoes – Acadian
Lady cream peas – Just Peachy Farm
Peaches – Caskey
Squash – Massey
Garlic – Ringger

So, I am making:

Simple tomato sauce – Guys, this is what San Marzano tomatoes are ideal for. You know those Cento canned tomatoes that make such good sauce? They are San Marzano tomatoes. Peel and seed your SM tomatoes and any slicing tomatoes you may need to complete the recipe, which originally calls for canned ones. To peel tomatoes, cut a small X in the bottom of each, drop in boiling water for 30 seconds, then dunk in an ice bath to cool off. The skin will peel right off. You can freeze any sauce you don’t use immediately.

Squash in garlic cream sauce – I’ll probably serve with grilled pork chops. Also, since I think mayo is gross, I’ll probably use a yogurt/sour cream combo in place of it.

Sour cream and herb potato salad with peas – This calls for green peas, but use your lady cream peas instead. I’ll serve with burgers.

Opal basil lemonade – Opal basil is just purple basil. It’ll look beautiful in this drink.

Mustard greens salad with pork and peaches
– The original recipes calls for Asian pears, but I’m subbing peaches.

Canteloupe with chopped mint – A simple, refreshing snack.

I’ll be using the Indian cucumbers and any remaining slicing tomatoes in salads during the week. I’ve never had an Indian cucumber, but have learned via some Internet research that it’s a tuberous root that tastes like a cuke and can be eaten raw.