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Local Box Meal Plan: July 18-22

I just heard a clap of thunder outside! As I write this, I’m doing a little rain dance in my office and hoping that we get some moisture this afternoon. It will take a lot more than a few showers to get real relief from the heat, but like most of Austin, I’d be happy for anything at this point.

All the scorching weather this year means rough growing conditions for Central Texas farmers. Lucky for us, they are fighting the good fight and growing tons of heat tolerant produce.  Here’s what they’re sending our way in the Local Box:

Here’s what I’m planning to cook with the bounty:

Wednesday: We’re going meatless with fresh pinto beans with tomatoes and blueberry quesadillas for dessert. I’ll use a few chopped basil leaves in place of the cinnamon on the quesadillas.

Thursday: Summer squash tacos, cilantro cucumber salad, and Cucumber-Basil mojitos. Use the yellow-skinned Indian cucumber in the salad and save the pretty green Armenian cucumber for the drinks. Armenian cucumbers are actually a member of the muskmelon family, so they are slightly sweeter than regular cucumbers and particularly well suited for cocktails.

Friday: Potato chickpea curry, basmati rice and mango lassi.

Saturday: If I can stand to turn my oven on in this heat, I’ll roast a whole chicken using this Lemon Basil Roast Chicken recipe and serve sliced peaches and blueberries on the side, along with some biscuits. If I don’t feel like turning on the oven, I’ll stick the chicken in the slow cooker and use the lemons and basil to make basil lemonade.

Sunday: I’ll use our eggplants, tomatoes and beef to make Tortma Stew, an Arabic one-dish recipe and serve it with Pita Bread, sliced raw peppers and Hummus. If we have any of the cucumbers left, I’ll slice those up and dip them in the hummus, along with the pepper slices.

Monday: I’ll use the leftover pita bread to make these onion pita pizzas and serve it with sliced peaches on the side.

Tuesday: Leftover awareness night!

(Note from Local Box blogger Kathryn: The format of the Local Box menu is changing to include more recipes and a full week’s worth of dinner menus. I plan my meals by the day so that I’m sure to use up delicate items, like pinto beans, while they are freshest. I also try to put more involved recipes, like roasted chicken, on weekends when I have more time to cook. My meal plans always start on Wednesdays, since that’s when my Local Box arrives, and we eat leftovers every Tuesday so the fridge is nice and clean in preparation for the next Local Box.